For a full list, see my Google Scholar page.


I’m best known for Stan. This is the top-level systems overview paper.

I also wrote the bulk of the language documentation.

I developed the first version of our automatic differentiation library; it came a long way before this paper, and has come a long way since.

Bayesian Methodology

This paper gathers a bunch of thoughts on how we actually do Bayesian data analysis and predictive inference; we have a contract to turn this into an open-access book with CRC.

Applied Statistics

Recent work on adjusting for non-representative samples with noisy testing.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about crowdsourced and “expert” data coding/labeling/annotation:

Natural language and programming languages

My very first paper was built up my fixing the typed data structures in Gazdar et al.’s book.

I kept at data structures for linguistics, eventually writing a whole book treating them as base types for logic programs.

I worked on type theory, linear logic, and categorial grammars, which I brought together in this monograph.