Please see my open source software page.


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Postdocs and Interns

I’ve had three Ph.D. students, Ariel Cohen (now a linguistics professor at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev), Gerald Penn (now a computer science professor at University of Toronto), and Kathy Baker (now out of academia). I’ve had numerous master’s students, interns, etc.

If you’re interested in postdoc positions or summer internships, please contact me.


I enjoy teaching. I taught two classes per semester in natural language processing, computability and automata theory, psycholinguistics, semantics, and the philosophy of language during the eight years I was at Carnegie Mellon. I’ve taught numerous summer school courses and short courses. I’m currently managing a Bayesian reading group that feels very much like a graduate seminar.

Invited Talks

I enjoy giving talks, especially now that I’m no longer teaching. Please contact me if you’d like me to give a talk.


In addition to reviewing for open-access no-fee conferences and journals, I once served on the editorial board for Computational Linguistics. Nowadays, my service is largely in the form of code reviewing and departmental committees.