Bob's Myers-Briggs Personality Type

The Myers-Briggs Personality Typing, based on Jung's theory of psychologyical type, reports your preferences on four binary scales (yielding 16 types altogether).

I did my test the old fashioned way using the Myers-Briggs Type indicator Form G. You can classify yourself online using David Keirsey's Temperament Sorter.

I'm an ENTP, and a pretty extreme one:

About five percent of the general population are ENTPs. I used to be an even more extreme ENTP the last time I took the test when I was in high school. I learned about it from my mother's doctoral research in writing; she was studying how different personality types, both professional and amateur, approached the writing task.

And despite my scepticism concerning most psychological testing, this one's intentionally not trying to be too fine-grained, and is pretty damn accurate.

The best site I've seen for the Myers-Briggs personality typing is:

I was rather chuffed when they ran a profile of my site during May 1999, describing it thusly:
The home page is like an internet "business card": it is a very sparse page with a photo, links to info on his current job and company, and contact information.

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