Bob's Family

Bob's parents are in their late 50s. Both grew up on the West Side of Detroit.

Bob's dad, Mack Carpenter, is a family practice lawyer in independent practice in Redford Michigan. Bob's dad likes to work out and has a waist the same size as Bob, but a chest 6 sizes larger! Bob's paternal grandparents, Lee Carpenter and Desta Carpenter, are still alive and well and living in the West Side Detroit suburbs. Lee was a mechanic, plumber, electrician and machinist. Desta was a baker and a card sharp. They came from Arkansas and Kentucky, respectively, moving to Detroit for jobs during the auto boom.

Bob's mother, Carol Carpenter, has been a high school teacher, a college teacher, a journalist, and is now a management consultant, working mostly for Ford Motor Company. Bob's mother likes to smoke cigarettes and read mystery novels. Bob's maternal grandfather, Eugene Boggess, is still alive and well and living in the Western Detroit suburbs. He was a process engineer for a machine shop, and is an avid gardener and traveler in his retirment. He took the best family photos I've ever seen on gorgeous Kodachromes over a span of 30 plus years. Unfortunately, my maternal grandmother, Ione Boggess, is no longer living. Bob spent lots of time with his grandmother when he was young, and was very close to her. She made the best peanut butter cookies ever. But Ione's father, Bob's great-grandfather on his mother's mother's side, Jack Simpson, is amazingly still alive and pushing 102, and is living in Amsterdam, Ohio. He was a farmer and a miner.

Bob's sister, Cherie Carpenter, who is 6 years younger than Bob, graduated from Wayne State Law School, and then promptly moved to St. Louis with her husband, Leland, who is a pediatrician. You can send Cherie email at and Leland email at Ask them about their dogs. And their house.

Bob's wife, Mitzi Morris, gets her own page. You'll have to ask her about our two cats.

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