VoiceXML by Bob Carpenter; voice talent by Dan Klein.

In the News:

SpeechSmuggler's catching on, and getting over 200 calls/day.

This index confirms that Wisenut Search is making headway on Google.

SpeechSmuggler is the exciting game of inter-borough trading. You're an aspiring merchant with a few bucks and an even larger debt. You jet from borough to borough buying and selling your wares. You can see the sights. You can try to avoid Officer HardAss or buy a gun and get into a shootout.

Based on the Palm Pilot application DopeWars by Matthew Lee (?), Which itself has a long history.

SpeechSmuggler can be reached toll free from the United States by calling 1.800.555.TELL. You will need to ask for extensions and then give it the extension number 16666.

Here's the VoiceXML source code for the SpeechSmuggler. It exercises most of the basics of the language including JavaScript functions, variables, forms and control flow.

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