The Magic Eight Call

by Mitzi Morris of Tiger Blue Software Engineering.

The Magic Eight Call reaches into the future, to find the answers to your questions. It knows what will be, and is willing to share this with you.

In the News: June 11, 2001. on XI.NU
The Magic 8-Ball®s Unofficial Home Page, on its obviously mis-named page Lame Magic 8-Ball®s on the Net, awards the Magic Eight Call [Seven Balls] out of a possible [Eight Balls] (the incredible infinity-worthy [Infinite] * infinity Federated 8-Ball excepted).

Call Tellme toll free at 1.800.555.TELL.
At the Main Menu, say Extensions.
Type or say 80222 for The Magic Eight Call.

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Here's the VoiceXML source code for the Magic Eight Call. It exercises most of the basics of the language including JavaScript functions, variables, forms and control flow. This appliction is compliant with the official 8-ball answers.

VoiceXML is a new technology that enables you to write voice dialogues in much the same way as you write HTML. You can find the spec and further information at The VoiceXML Forum.

Currently, Tellme is hosting VoiceXML applications, including this one, through Tellme Studio. Here's a full listing of Tellme Extensions.

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